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The Portuguese Cultural Center of Danbury Connecticut owes its humble beginnings to a dream - the dream of creating a facility for the Portuguese American community that created a familiar environment for social advancement, in the pursuit of the "American Dream."


In 1924, that dream became a reality, with the creation of the Sons of Portugal Club on Liberty Street, in Danbury, Connecticut. This club became very popular, and the need for larger facilities that could accommodate the fast growing Portuguese American community quickly grew. Therefore in 1938, the Portuguese American Club was created, and was also erected on Liberty Street.


For nearly 50 years, the two clubs became the nucleus and the focus of the Portuguese American community, bringing with them several Portuguese American businesses and residents, creating the downtown area to be known as "Portuguese Square," or "Little Portugal."


In July of 1998, the need for even bigger and better facilities could no longer be ignored. The Portuguese American community was at its peak in numbers.


The decision was made to merge the Portuguese American and Sons of Portugal Clubs, creating the NEW Portuguese Cultural Center of Danbury, Connecticut, and to raise funds for the building of a new, bigger, and better center for the community.

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